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Types Of Customers We Supply Diesel To In Lagos, Nigeria

1). Hospitals: 

We supply diesel to private and government hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria. Depending on what volumes are required, we can guarantee monthly supplies to your hospital at specified intervals.

2). Restaurants: 

We supply diesel to restaurants across Lagos, Nigeria. Depending on your needs, we can supply weekly to your restaurant to cover your diesel supply needs.

3). Hotels: 

Hotels require constant electricity, and so, we are one of the largest diesel suppliers for hotels in Nigeria. We can supply diesel consistently to your hotel on a regular basis.

4). Manufacturing Firms: 

Manufacturing firms are heavy consumers of electricity, and so, require constant large diesel supplies to their organisations. We can supply diesel to your factory on a regular weekly and monthly basis.

5). Mining Sites: 

Mines need diesel to power their mining equipment in remote areas. We can supply diesel to mines located in areas that are out of reach to other suppliers.

6). Private Organisations: 

Private organisations need diesel to be supplied to them on a frequent basis. We can supply diesel to your organisation on a regular basis.

7). Government Organisations: 

Government organisations, parastatals, and facilities require a constant supply of diesel to run their operations. Philmario Global Services can guarantee a constant supply of diesel to these organisations.