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We offer a wide spectrum of maritime and oil-related logistics services in shipping agency.

  • Oil Marketing
  • Bunker Supply
  • Lube Oil Supply
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Engine Store and Deck Stores Supply
  • Channeling (fresh and dry provision)
  • Crew Change
  • Crew Welfare
  • Sludge and Slop Disposal
  • Marine Parts and Chemicals Supply
  • Haulage
  • Fenders Supply and
  • The supply of vessels in all Ports of Nigeria, Cotonou, Ghana and Abidjan.


Affordable Diesel Suppliers In Lagos, Lekki, South West, Surrounding States, & Across Nigeria and West Africa

Types Of Customers We Supply Diesel To In Lagos, Nigeria, Outside Lagos and Neighboring Countries (Ghana, Niger, Chad etc)

1). Hospitals: 

We supply diesel to private and government hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria and Neighboring Countries. Depending on what volumes are required, we can guarantee monthly supplies to your hospital at specified intervals.

2). Restaurants: 

We supply diesel to restaurants across Lagos, Nigeria. Depending on your needs, we can supply weekly to your restaurant to cover your diesel supply needs.

3). Hotels: 

Hotels require constant electricity, and so, we are one of the largest diesel suppliers for hotels in Nigeria. We can supply diesel consistently to your hotel on a regular basis.

4). Manufacturing Firms: 

Manufacturing firms are heavy consumers of electricity, and so, require constant large diesel supplies to their organisations. We can supply diesel to your factory on a regular weekly and monthly basis.

5). Mining Sites: 

Mines need diesel to power their mining equipment in remote areas. We can supply diesel to mines located in areas that are out of reach to other suppliers.

6). Private Organisations: 

Private organisations need diesel to be supplied to them on a frequent basis. We can supply diesel to your organisation on a regular basis.

7). Government Organisations: 

Government organisations, parastatals, and facilities require a constant supply of diesel to run their operations. Philmario Global Services Limited can guarantee a constant supply of diesel to these organisations.

Affordable Diesel Suppliers In Lagos, Lekki, South West, Surrounding States, & Across Nigeria and West Africa

Our success in supplying diesel in Lagos has paved the way for us to extend our service area to our surrounding states in the South West and Nigeria/Our Neighboring Countries  as a whole. Philmario Global Services Limited can supply diesel in at least 10 states in Nigeria. We are affordable diesel suppliers in Lagos, Lekki, and Nigeria, and will always give the best competitive diesel price in Nigeria today to our clients.

Our 5 Proven Diesel Supply Process (Policy) In Lagos, Nigeria

Step 1: Customer Contacts Philmario Global Services

Here, Philmario Global Services Limited takes the client’s request to determine the best way to handle the request.

Step 2: Customer Receives Quote From Philmario Global Services

Based on the current price of diesel at the time the inquiry is made, the customer will get a highly competitive quote and delivery timeline from Philmario Global Services

Step 3: Customer Issues LPO And Places A Bank Payment Guarantee

After the client has agreed on the price and timeline with Philmario Global Services Limited, the client issues a Local Purchase Order (LPO) and places a bank payment guarantee on behalf of Philmario Global Services Limited.

Step 4: Philmario Global Services Delivers The Diesel To The Client

Upon receipt of the LPO and confirmation of the bank payment guarantee, Philmario Global Services Limited loads and delivers the diesel to the customer’s supply location.

Step 5: Customer’s Bank Pays Philmario Global Services

After a successful delivery, the client’s bank pays Philmario Global Services Limited for the diesel delivery made to the client.

Step 6: Delivery Continues

Depending on what was agreed between the customer and Philmario Global Services Limited, Philmario Global Services Limited can continue a constant daily, weekly, or monthly delivery to the client as agreed.

Our Contact Details:

11, Queens Barrack Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Hotline 1: +2348127066281

Hotline 2: +2349094605921

Email 1: info@philmarioglobalservices.com

Email 2 : Supply.philmario@gmail.com

Email 3 : Operations.philmario@gmail.com

Email : philmarioglobalservices@gmail.com

Call us, we are open 24/7 to be replaced with *+2348127066281*
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