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NATALIA MARINE SERVICES LIMITED Is to actively engage in the Marine, Supply, Merchandise, Shipping and Transportation Logistics, Ship Handling, Importation and Exportation and General Materials Supply etc.


Our vision is to provide excellent, creditable, reputable, reliable, accurate, timely and professional service to Companies, Individuals who engaged in the Marine sector and other industries across the world.


To serve our clients to the highest possible standards and strive to satisfy their needs at all times while maintaining our customers trust, confidence with focus on continuously enhancing profitability to our clients.

Our Values:  With uncompromising integrity as our foundation we will: Inspire, Engage, Create and Deliver as followed:

Safety: We are committed to maintain a safe and healthy environment in all of our projects.

Quality: we are committed to providing High-quality products and services and for continues improvement in all of our undertaken.

Customer focus: we ensure that our customer requirements are understood and their wishes are met.

Self-regulation: We are committed to comply with all mutually agreed project specific requirement